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MiContact Center Solidus is a rich suite of seamlessly integrated Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) and contact center applications for intelligent interaction in the enterprise.

With MiContact Center Solidus you get a powerful and flexible toolbox, providing contact center services, self-service applications and business automation integration. It also offers clear, easy-to-use, historical, real-time reporting and analytics tools to solve business problems, reduce operational costs and improve performance.

A Fully Integrated End-To-End Solution for Enterprise Communication
Mitel’s contact center solution promises everything you need to raise the bar of excellence, increasing customer satisfaction, organizational productivity and business profitability. Best of all, everything is available in one single solution. As enterprises explore their growth strategies in revenue and productivity, gaining a rapid return on investment (ROI) and improving customer loyalty and value have consistently been identified as number one priorities on corporate agendas.

Comprehensive solution - the heart of the business.
MiContact Center Solidus, a rich suite of seamlessly integrated Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) and contact center applications, offers advanced features to create efficiencies and peak management in your contact center. With full flexibility, full scalability, full openness and high availability, MiContact Center Solidus enables consistent, efficient, first-rate customer service across all media.

Convenient one-stop shopping
Digging into the toolbox, you’ll find an open integration environment, multimedia support, and a built-in auto attendant. Unique to Mitel’s architecture are the embedded IP recording capabilities and the integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR). You’ll also find the Solidus Agent - Mitel’s latest agent application - with advanced UCC features accessible to agents from any terminal, connecting them to the rest of the organization.  

Today’s contact centers generate more data than virtually any other part of the business. The integrated monitoring, as well as reporting and analytics applications enhance visibility of your workflows. For example, appointment management, scheduling and self-service applications; repetitive routine tasks (such as appointment reminders, warnings, notifications, etc) can be automated so staff can concentrate on more specialized activities.

MiContact Center Solidus benefits:

  • All-in-one contact center with a single software stream offering seamless growth, feature extension, and deployment flexibility. This delivers significantly lower operational overhead through installation, administration and lifecycle management. Choose from on premise, virtualized, hybrid or cloud (with native multi-tenanting)
  • Support for up to 15,000 concurrent agents under a resilient environment. Expansion options include a unique ability to aggregate multiple systems under a network operation center (NOC) style management solution for large scale dispersed deployments.
  • Integrated Unified and Collaborative Communications with email, Chat, SMS, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, desktop sharing, presence, directory search, knowledgebase for FAQ.
  • Full mobility supporting numerous devices and allowing agents and supervisors to work anywhere, anytime.
  • Open architecture with flexible open APIs (Soap, VXML, ODBC) and toolkits for 3rd party integrations (WFM, CRMs, etc) to deliver true business process efficiency
  • Open Media API provides prioritized routing and IVR control, queueing and reporting of any external media type – social, tasks, video, case management.
  • Platform Independence, with support for 3rd party communication servers (Cisco formally tested), and hard phones
  • Business Control through Analytics and Reporting
  • Flexible packaging and licensing; Concurrent licensing. Also available as Lite and SME Multimedia versions for up to 50 agents.

MiContact Center Solidus can be deployed in an existing VMware virtualized server environment, delivering all the benefits that virtualization technology has to offer, including support for VMware Fault Tolerance and High Availability. Viewed as an extremely cost-effective move, not only is the hardware footprint diminished, but also energy consumption, maintenance costs, physical space and staffing requirements.

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A rich suite of seamlessly integrated Unified Communications & Collaboration and contact center applications.
Mitel’s contact center solution is designed to help you meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. Whether you have a need for just a few agents, or several thousand, Mitel has a solution for you.

With its advanced, patented, multimedia, skills-based routing, MiContact Center Solidus easily outperforms the competition. By routing queries to the most qualified agent or expert - across business functions, locations and organizations - customers receive instant, qualified responses to their queries. Empower your agents by giving them the right calls that fit their expertise to enable them to respond knowledgeably and resolve queries efficiency. At the end of the day, skills-based routing improves the customer experience by providing them the right person with the right knowledge.

Time for high-priority customers.
With access to directories and employee information, both the number of interactions and the amount of time agents spend on customer queries are greatly diminished. Such time savings free up agents to focus on high-priority customers with complicated queries, providing them with true, live, high-quality customer care that they deserve and, through interaction with real-time social networking tools, have come to expect.

MiContact Center Solidus is the crème de la crème of contact center solutions with skills-based routing across all media, streamlined analytics and administration, native presence management, Instant Messaging (IM), directory support, conferencing and collaboration functionalities, as well as occasional and expert agent usage, both stationary and mobile

Integrated Unified and Collaborative Communications with email, Chat, SMS, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, desktop sharing, presence, directory search, knowledgebase for FAQ.
With access to directories and employee information, both the number of interactions and the amount of time agents spend on customer queries are greatly diminished.

Maximize efficiency & uptime
Few operations within an organization are as dynamic as the contact center. Continual change however calls for intuitive, flexible control. The agent's desktop application tool facilitates efficient call handling and integrates social networking media tools - IM, SMS, voice, fax, chat, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail – maximizing agent efficiency and uptime - to the benefit of customers. Through agent-monitor customization, display preferences are automatically updated when agents switch from one workstation to another.

Integrated mobility supporting numerous devices and allowing agents and supervisors to work anywhere, anytime.
Thanks to Unified & Collaborative Communications integration, agent mobility and self-service applications, MiContact Center Solidus offers your customers the freedom to make contact through the media and communication device of their choice - and more importantly - from wherever and whenever! Customers today, used to real-time social networking tools, have come to expect such communication flexibility.

MiContact Center Solidus is unique in its true mobility offering. Mitel Mobile Extension expands the flexibility of the already powerful MiContact Center Solidus platform, by supplying mobile or roaming agents instant access to the rich set of extension features, accessible through their mobile devices. Agents can work wherever a mobile phone is used - at home or at a remote site - or even just during your peak periods

Remote agents - powerful advantage
Contact center managers can hire skilled agents - as qualified as in-house staff – anywhere in the world where facility costs are lower. Home-based agents incur fewer overhead expenses and can be drawn from a pool of geographically dispersed resources. By staffing across time zones, during peak business times or holiday seasons, service hours can be extended, giving you a powerful advantage in customer relationship management (CRM).

Integrations that empowers users to take actions and make decisions based on information
The goal of a communication-enabled business process (CEBP) is to optimize business process by reducing the human latency that exists within a process flow. In  other words, by creating an interaction between applications, one can avoid a user from having to repeat operations manually in each application. This increases efficiency and saves time.

Most organizations need to integrate their contact center solution with other internal systems and databases, handling functions such as customer information retrieval and updates, statistics, supervision, logging and errors. True to Mitel’s openness, MiContact Center Solidus is based on open interfaces. Combine this openness with easy-to-use APIs and you’ve got smooth, instant integration with third-party business processes and applications - Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Workforce Management (WFM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etc. Such high flexibility allows you to offer your customers total-solution services.

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